Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Black & Red wool

A view days ago this black and red wool kimono showed up at the store.
It was very cheap too, so I bought her. So bright and bold!
But nothing seemed to look nice with this kimono, the normal white han eri looked really bad! So i added a black piece of silk as han eri.
Finding an obi started to look problematic... I think a red would be good and maybe a silver because of the silver lines, but, why not go for save and go for a black obi?

So I looked for my satiny black obi, the sheen adds a nice accent to the rough wool, red obi age and obi jime to finish it all. I had a silver white obi jime first but decided against that. The white tabi and red geta didn’t look right either so I choose for completely wrong... black knee socks with black ballerinas I think it looks all right. ^_^ I will how ever try to buy black tabi now.

Later at home I had to try a 1920's idea I had because I have this cute black hat and gloves. Not really '20's, but I do like it ^_^ I guess I do not really have a 20's face ^_^
And... I made a mistake with the lights, hence the artsy fartsy light in the picture, it took me a long photoshop trip to get to this haha, the picture was almost completely white....


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a pretty kimono, and the satiny black obi looks very good on it. And with the ballerinas on it looks like you're walking on your socks ^_^

Misuchi said...

Yes isn't a fun one? I was afraid it would be way too bold, but with only black it's quite fun I think. I must admit I felt a little "gothic" in this coordination, and that is not really "my style" but never the less a great kimono to have, wool is just wonderful to wear, it's easy to care for and nice and warm.

xiner said...

I love the red&black look! The kimono pattern is awesome. I once wanted to buy a kimono quite like this, hesitated for a moment and it was gone :(