Saturday, 16 August 2008


I wanted to do some dressed up yukata kitsuke.
Before I got sick I ordered a lot of (larger) yukata from Ichiroya. They arrived about a week after I came home from the hospital, so that was a wonderful get well present to myself ^_^

One is really too wide, the length is perfect but I need to adjust the width.
The other is perfect on all accounts.
I dressed it up with a silk wine red hakata summer weave obi, black and pink lace eri sugata and a minty green gingham patterned obi jime and vintage themed button as obi dome.

I know I never use or wear obi dome, but when I saw these buttons... I just had to. Besides for my "Holland Japan lijn" I need to experiment.... ^_^
I forgot the obi age, I wanted to tie shell fish, but the obi didn't work with me... and then I forgot about the obi age later *blush*

Later I tried my red and white summer obi jime, more in keeping with what I usually do... as less colours as possible. But maybe I should have added the black lace obi age, that might be nice


Kyuukaryuko said...

So nice to see you're feeling much better again! And so many beautiful kimono, I'm green with envy ^_~
I'll email you in a bit!

Kaguya-Hime said...

Your Yukata is so cute and it looks wonderful on you too. I love Ichiroya, but I have yet to buy anything from them for lack of funds. I am glad you are feeling better, it stinks being so sick. I had my appendix out when I was 15.
Anyways, the yukata is lovely on you! I love how it compliments your skin tone as well. Beautiful ^-^

kimonosa said...

wooo!! Your combo is really lovely! ^^

Misuchi said...

Thamk you all!
I love this coordination a lot too ^_^