Sunday, 17 August 2008

Kimono fun

I picked up Mamechiyo and her husband and we had a wonderful time talking kimono, art and the Netherlands ^_^
Mamechiyo wore a "Dutch" themed kimono/obi which I thought was very clever and thoughtful. I picked her up in a dress but later changed into my Dutch kimono because I needed some help en tips, and she gave me loads! I am so happy!
I bought her Tulip han eri (made as an hommage to holland ^_^)
And had to try if the hounds tooth yukata would fit me since it was only a japanese M... But she fitted! And with the chidory hanhaba obi I felt pleased as punch ^_^
Evereything was just great and too much happened/was discused to write down, sorry.
I do feel I have met my Japanese sister though, it´s great to meet some one who loves the same things you do and understand your way of life. Mamechiyo called it "kimono life"
and more broadly... "Edo lifestyle"
In other words, trying not to go with the rat-race but dedicate your life to art and quietness. Well, at least I try to life Edo life style ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Looked like you have fun! How did this get together came to be?

Nanohana said...

So you had a private encounter with Mamechiyo!! *o* *o*
The first time you said you were going to met Mamechiyo I thought it was a public event, as a workshop or something like this...
You're really a lucky woman! It sounds very very interesting. The photos are wonderful and you both look so charming. (I love your cute chidori obi ^_^)
Did she like your Dutch outfit? I hope so!!