Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Black and Blue and White

I went to work in kimono again. A little worried because I get tired soon (still) and kimono isn't that natural to me. But Mamechiyo gave me some great tips on how to dress up more relaxed with out having the kimono ensemble collapse.
And, I need to tie my obi lower because I am tall(er) and my legs are long (er) then the average Japanese woman.
Also tie the obi looser as the obi age, everything can be looser so you feel more comfortable during the day.
The lower part of the obi needs to be tied a tighter then the upper part. So the obi will "tilt" a bit on top and there will be enough space to store things like your wallet...
It did feel better. Though now I need to find my own balance, how loose/tight is comfortable for me...(?)
I also followed her tip on han eri
If you like to show a lot of han eri (which is ok even when you are way in your thirties like me) it is better when the han eri has colour... Now, I always wear white ones, partly because I am a bit lazy with the colars, but also because I just can't choose!
This time I stayed with the mono chromatic look, which I like best. Too much colours (on me) make me nervous hihi
I choose some black and blue lace, because I wanted this striped see-through kimono paired with my black summer weave white and blue embroidered obi. Then I used my summer weave blue and white obi age and obi jime... Is there a theme? Yes! Dutch. I should find a place for a hint of red, but do not know where, maybe I'll just say it's Dutch traditional church wear, black, white and blue ^_^
I bought this kimono because I had decided I wanted to wear kimono more often. This means, also trying to find kimono I like in an easy fabric (wool or synthetics... or cotton) and the right size) This one was perfect, except there was a huge ugly stain on the left sleeve. It being poly I hoped it would get out.
And it did. I washed the sleeve with some special stain remover and look:
I am very happy it worked out. Because the stain was very conspicuous, right on the elbow. The previous owner obviously pressed her elbow in some brown liquid food. What a shame. It puzzles me why she didn't try to clean it, because the kimono is just fine...
It’s really fun to do kitsuke again and play with everything I have. And I am glad I tried and cleaned this one because I will meet Mamechiyo again Sunday and I want to welcome her in kimono this time ^_^


Naomi said...

Beautiful ensemble and great work on the stain!

What did you use to remove the stain?

Also - you might be interested in some of the scans I'm making from vintage sewing books I own:

The 1933 book is particularly interesting as it's about recycling kimono!

Misuchi said...

Hi Naomi!
Thank you ^_^
Well... I used an old Dutch thing but renovated so it's one of those oxi products. I am alsways a bit scared for the oxo things, but since grandma already used Biotex... I thought, let's have it a go...
Thanks for showing me! I'll make you a a Flickr friend right away ^_^