Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sick leave

Exactly one month ago I was operated on my appendix. So, that's why the posting stopped. Sadly I felt very sick, but now everything is good again phew! what a relief!
From now on I will try to post kimono and kitsuke again soon.

Today I will meet Mamechiyo!
Of course I will tell more about this meeting ^_^ later.

For now... I am very exited...


Nanohana said...

Poor Misuchi! Appendix surgery can be very painful and makes you feel very sick and weak! But I´m happy to see you are much better now ^_^

And I´m so glad to read you´re going to meet Mamechiyo.(I love her work!)I hope you will enjoy the meeting, and please please please, take lot of pics and share your experience with us!
I envy you a lot! ^_^

Misuchi said...

yes it was a humbling experiance, but wel ^_^

I will tell about Mamechiyo later. Meeting her was wonderful!

Sorry but I forgot who you are... *blush* I think you posted before... but my memory... ^_^

Nanohana said...

You're right, I've posted before, but not very often, although I've been reading your blog since 2005autumn.
It's one of my favourites! I love your colour matching *^_^*
I'm from Spain and I have some kimono, but I don't owe a blog or something like this, sorry.

Misuchi said...

Don't feel sorry ^_^
I just forgot and now I remember, you are one of the girls from spain.
Thank you for reading ^_^