Thursday, 3 July 2008

Purple ro kimono

As the weather cooled down a bit I decided to go in kimono to work again. And did some informal kitsuke.

A poly ro with grasses, purple is not really my colour but synthetics are better when the risk is there to get the kimono wet.
Paired with my silk dusky pink hakata ro weave nagoya obi and dark purple open weave obi jime it makes a sweet set. Not very "cooling" to the eye in my opinion, but nice even so.

I tied the obi in clam-shell musubi for a more informal look and this way I wouldn't need a obi age. As I am always worried that they might get wet from me getting a bit sweaty and I love them so much! And, though it cooled down, it’s still quite warm and moist....


Kyuukaryuko said...

And again a pretty kimono ^_^ The dusky pink is perfect for this purple ro kimono, really nice. Looking forward to the kimono day at your store!

Misuchi said...

Me too!
It will be nice to see you again.
And we will be covered in kimono ^_^

Kazumi said...

Hi Misuchi!
these look sexy and cute coordinate.
and the shellfish bow is IKI(how I and natty?).

Misuchi said...

Hi Kazumi!
Thank you so much, you give too much compliments you made me blush, but it’s well appreciated! I know the word iki, I think there is even a book written about the subject… but I do not own it (yet)
Thank you!