Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sand-y kimono

Today I couldn't resist dress-up. I finally reached the obi for sorting, hopefully one day and I will have my home back ^_^
I dressed up in my sand coloured kimono with pine, sakura, ume and wheel and.... many patterns. Nothing appropriately seasonal about this kimono only the obi, they are both hitoe and according to this web site The Beauty of Kimono 10 May till 14 May is awase kimono with hitoe obi. I like that, it's funny only four days for this combination. The first obi is one I like a lot but never wear, it has dragons!
The second one is abstract red, I thought both colours where nice, but everything looked very fall like to me. It's a shame, a set that never can be worn then (when following the rules) because in autumn the hitoe kimono will be paired with an awase obi for approximately 10 days.
It’s a bit too warm to wear kimono so forgive my flushed look and untidy kitsuke. ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Both combinations are very beautiful, and the kimono is just stunning. I think I like the red obi with this kimono a bit better, because then all attention is on the pattern of the kimono. But again a stunning outfit.

Naomi said...

Gorgeous kimono!

I think I like the blue obi best - the red matches - but distracts to much to the obi and you loose the kimono. The blue stands out - but also blends in and creates harmony.

Either way though - both outfits look wonderful - and I love your new hair cut!