Friday, 9 May 2008

Orange kimono

Orange is not really my colour, but in kimono it's quite nice. And in my kimono pile was this orange woven tsumugi kimono. It's huge! So I decided to wear it. It's different to do kitsuke with an (almost) good size kimono. It's necessary to tie everything tighter so it will not look lumpy or big.
It was hard to find an obi, but I choose a black obi with painted figures in a boat eventually. I was a little scared it would look too "German" but in the end I think its ok.

I added green accessories because otherwise I felt it would be too autumn-y. Not the perfect green for this set... you see... you never have too much accessories! *hihi*
White tabi felt a little strange, and then I remembered I had dark men’s tabi. They are my size, only they are wider then ladies, it felt funny.


Kyuukaryuko said...

That's a really nice kimono, and the colour suits you. Still organising your kimono? ;-)
You're right about never having too much accessoires, but kimono are also nice to have (I still have a few on my list haha).
Enjoy the weekend and this weather!

Misuchi said...

Hihi,thanks again ^_^
Yes still organising. *sigh* it's kind of fun though, good to see what I actually own. I am taking pictures too, that helps and is fun.
Yes I know, keep the list and when there's any money to spare treat yourself ^_^