Saturday, 19 April 2008


Some time ago, I asked my father to build me some cabinets for my kimono...
Last week when he moved my sister he took the cabinets he build with him, the only thing I had to do was paint them, add the roll-system of the doors and... voila!

I love them! They are so "Japanese" hihi real Dutch design, but still, my dad always manages to give the things he makes a "Japanese feel".

Now I have to fill them... my "daily" kimono will go in them, so I have more room in my real Japanese tansu for the exquisite ones...

Embarrassing note, I started sorting through my kimono and kind of fear everything will not fit *blush* I forgot to take a picture with all kimono sorted on the floor... I will show the chaos soon!


Kyuukaryuko said...

Nice cabinets! Your father did a really beautiful job. Less is more sometimes does give things a Japanese touch! I think that when I'm going to need a cabinet or closet for my kimono (not yet though), I'm stick to Ikea or a real tansu (I love yours!).

Misuchi said...

Haha, I think my father is brilliant.

Ikea is just perfect, well you saw my house, most is from Ikea. It's cheap and functional. hihi
Of course Japanese tansu are beautiful and practical and great for kimono!
Thank you for your mail, I'll reply soon ^_^

Jane said...

What great cabinets. Your Dad has done a great job with these.