Thursday, 24 April 2008

kimono room

As promissed...
Here's a picture of most off my kimono scattered around my room.

Not including my best and most treasured, they are still in the tansu, since I have no time to take care of them till next week, this is taking more time then I expected, but it is fun. Fun to see everything I have and trying to organize it... It was fun too to say: "I am missing that one blue wool kimono" hihi.

I did find it though.


Kyuukaryuko said...

Wauw! I knew you had many kimono, but this many? And that 'kimonobasket' is cute! You've made me jealous haha. If you ever want a kimono to have a new owner.... ^_^

ROTA said...

Your cabinets look beautifull, your father is really handy.
And your kimono's look stunning.
If i may ask: how many are there and how many years are you collecting?


Naomi said...


I have to show this photo to Arian and say "See! I don't have too many kimono! According to this photo - I don't have enough!"

Misuchi said...

Thanks for all the compliments, I'll pass them on to dad.

If I want to pass on I will let you know!

I have been collecting for over 10 years now. How many there are... I will know after I have organized and counted them. Then I will tell, now I really have no idea.

haha Naomi, of course you don´t have enough, all hubbies in the world should know. Never enough kimono (and everythingto go with them) never enough dresses and shoes right?

I do say I have enough kimono etc. but even I find things I still want, what's better then a new kimono (item)?
Well, dresses and shoes are a good seccond ^_^