Thursday, 3 April 2008

Black and blue komon kimono

Here's my new black and blue kimono. It's a woven komon, black and blue checks with white geometric pattern. There's a red lining and she's long. I like this kimono a lot. Of course I went looking for a light (or bright) painted obi, but then I came across this black satiny obi with white shibory pattern, like birds and thought, why not? Let's look like a proper Japanese housewife. I tied the obi in a loose old fashoned style. I wanted the obi lower but didn't realy succeed... next try.

Next time I will choose a more subdued nagajuban too, I do not really like the bright red/white with this kimono.
And look at some ukiyoe prints, I just bought a new book. Three actually, one large ukiyo-e book, Lesley Downer's Madam Sadayakko and Kiharu Nakamura's Memoiren einer Geisha... Now I have to read German! I didn't do that since high school, let's see how it goes ^_^


Kyuukaryuko said...

Better to read German than to speak it ^_^.
This komon is very pretty, where did you get it if I may ask? Beautiful combination of kimono and obi.

And I'm glad the socks fit!

Misuchi said...

Hihi, that's so true! Speaking is terrible, along time ago I was good at it, but never practiced so I lost it. Now I even reply costumers who talk German to me, in English, I just can't get myself to speaking it.
The kimono was in the store where I work! Really a miracle, usually I do not like the kimono there alot. But this one had my favourite colours and it was quite long, considering it's a woven kimono, they tend to be so short!

Family Dog said...