Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Trying some sets

As I need to practice with my lights and wanted to see how some sets work in real dressed life I dressed my doll, first in a warm red iro muji with a white obi with ume pattern. I would love to wear this set Friday, but she's really too short on me. I saw, even for the doll she's too short, so I will try another one.

Here's my blue with white ajisai (hydrangea) I think she's lovely. First paired with the same white with ume pattern obi. And second with a more formal silver-ish fukuro obi and blue obi jime and white with pink obi age, I like this set best, I think...

Or... should I go for this obi jime and obi age set? spring 2006

like I did two years ago? I also like that white obi (the colour at least)
But I won't wear that one because it's a "fake" obi. ^_^

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