Tuesday, 4 April 2006


I really hope so. I can't wait for warmer weather. It has been cold for so long that today it felt like it was the first day I saw a lot of spring flowers and blossoms. I saw some before but today I saw many many and thought yes, spring is coming.
How ever, I don't feel springy yet, a little...
The kimono I chose for today gave me a sophisticated spring feel. But, still cool as winter. The sky is still pale cool (freezing) blue and there are a lot of bright white clouds, hence the white obi. The blossoms or leaves (if any one reading this knows what the pattern is, please tell!) on the kimono have stalks in a powdery purple, exactly the same color as a obi-jimi/age set I own, how lucky!

I think I will love this kimono, even though she is stained, maybe I should give spot cleaning a try.
For some reason I had huge problems with my ohashori today and it drove me nuts, I gave up... Let’s enjoy spring and kimono!

Come to think of it and after looking at my pictures some more... this combination is more winter, well... outside still feels like winter and I just heard it will freez again in the night *ugh*


Raks Hime said...

I'd love to give the pattern a shot, but I can't see it up close enough.
It's a very angelic combination, by the way.

Misuchi said...

Good point... I need to add a close up ^_^
Thank you, angelic sounds very sweet what a nice choice of words, good for my English vocabulary ^_~

ShiryuNoHomare said...

Hi !
ohisashiburi ne ! Long time i didn't give some news ! (^-^)
Everytime i see your blog is a real pleasure :)
i don't really see clearly the design but it seems to be hydrangea design which is often shown with misty or stream background on rinzu silk by example...
I should ask a friend of mine to wear some of my kimono and put some pictures on my blog... when i see the result here i'm feeling stupid leaving them "sleeping" in their tatoushi paper ;)
By the way I would like to ask you where you found such a good condition kiri kimono tansu ? mine seems like an antique comparing to it ! (^-^)
Best regards :)

Misuchi said...

Thank you for saying hello! And your kind words ^_^
I hope the motive is hydrangea, that would be so great because I just looked in google and saw they bloom from late May till september so this kimono would be a perfect April/May kimono. Do you know why hydragea are often depicted on streams or mist rinzu silk? That would be nice to know...
Yes dress a friend in your kimono! That would be so fun. I love your blog as it is and look often but forget to say hey all the time *blush*
I bought my tansu in Amsterdam there is a website too http://www.vanhiertottokio.com but I guess there are good stores in France too I don't know.
I just visited your geusthouse site... it turned out so wonderful! I hope you will get many guests.
Good luck!

ShiryuNoHomare said...

hi !
Sorry i just know that first ajisai (hydrangea) blooms, especially blue color one (because original kanji letter means purple flower) is associated to rainy springtime (harusame is soft rain of spring) http://www005.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ h-taguchi/6.ajisai.jpg
So you can find this design on light blue, light pink kimono with a stream/water/mist background...
Thanks for your kind support about my ryokan :)
best wishes ! Franck.

ShiryuNoHomare said...

Hi ! I've shown your kimono design to my japanese friend Masaru and it is sure now it is ajisai :)
He told me you were good at wearing kimono, " balance of color and shape is nice " (^-^)
Well wishing you a cool springtime !

Misuchi said...

Oh Franck thank you so much!
Thank your friend too it means a lot me me really!
It is always good to hear from Japanese people that I am not totally öff"*blush*
Today I was working in Amsterdam (we had a special queensday sale, it's a big party day in The Netherlands))and I was in full kimono dress and a lot of Japanese tourists came up to me asking if they good take my picture *blush* I felt as if in an alternate universe ^_^
Thank you again it's good to know my "spring" kimono is indeed a spring kimono ^_^
Good spring to you too!