Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Red Hakama

A view months ago I bought a red hakama. No, not a ladies, I should have. But this red man's was so nice, so perfect! For months the thing was just hanging there, accusingly: "you will never use me, you should never have bought me, you bought me for all the wrong reasons..." Which actually is true.
The hakama is so pretty, hum... handsome! And I do own it so I need to find a story so I can use him... And I will use myself (again) as model, also for the male parts... why not, geisha do so too, they play men's role in plays and dances so... And I am starting again, I invested in some new things and my home/atelier is finished enough so I started working again. Not this pictures, this is just a quickie.... A colour sketch. I am doubting, will I go for the full drag and make myself a man, or will it be more fun to dress man-like and still wear the red lipstick and show the red nail polish?
It might be a good thing after all, not using a male model, because then it would be all male, just male, now I can play with the male/female looks.
There's not much of a male streak any where in me, so it will only be in the male hakama and if I'd pick up Kudo or a different kind of martial arts I would need to wear male hakama too. And of course male kimono... but I can't find white men's kimono... God knows I looked for one! So this is a antique rinzu silk white (more crème almost yellow) layering kimono, it's the softest silk ever, as if holding... nothing... I only tied a date jime as an obi... it looks quite nice(?!)
I am going to have a look in my Japanese picture books and see what I can do, there must be some inspiring story I can use so this wonderful red hakama will not turn out to be a buy I should never had made...


Nonko said...

Hi,I'm Nonko from Nagoya Japan,
a Japanese ordinery women, first time coment on your site.I wonder the red is for Miko's costume at every shrine in Japan....the Miko is,may be you know well,pray assistant in shrine.
I was verry surprisede with your cool site.Kimono is the Japanese culture,But I did not know about it all,and started sewing Kimono(cotton) from this year. Thank you.

Misuchi said...
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Misuchi said...

Dear Nonoko Thank you for reading my kimono site, isn't kimono sewing fun? I love the kimono you made, the stripes are so cool. I whish I could learn all kimono things in Japan! Your blog is really pretty ^_^
The hakama is really a mens, it is with the backboard and it has golden weavings. The Miko's costume is a bit different, but I think you a lot for your consideration! It is so kind of you!

Misuchi said...

oops sorry for misspelling your name Nonko