Friday, 11 May 2007

Les Mains sales

Tonight I went to the theatre again. It was great. But what was best...? The ride on my friends motor bike or the play? Weee... I asked my friend if he wanted to come with me to this play he said yes and I'll pick you up, but you have to ride with me on my bike... Yes! I love to, please take me on you're motor! So I squeezed my petticoats in my Gortex trousers and jumped on, what a ride! To me it felt like carnival, though he said, this is nothing, you need to come along when going or hitting 100 or more... but I thought 60 through the lanes and canals off Amsterdam was exiting enough... And I felt proud of him, he told me he did feel the extra resposibility, the added weight of some one just you're size must make it more dificult to drive? Or is it like when a bycicle? In that case some one twice you're size doesn't really matter... haha I don't know, what nonsens to break your head on...
Photograph by: Jochem Jurgens
OK the play. No I won't write a review, because really I can't I will only tell hat I saw and what I felt... It was a bit like going back in time, my friend is a friend whom I have known since high-school, he was my best friend, my "buddy". I was black, lonely and read... yes... Sartre. So today I saw Les Mains Sales (Dirty Hands) by
Sartre . Directed By Tarkan Köroglu. Last fall I saw Cyrano also directed by Tarkan Köroglu with my sister and we loved it, where almost swept off our feet... This time Again I was mesmerized. Yes it was a long play and yes it was Sartre, thus being heavy, his dialogs brilliant and snappy, his monologs almost boring because in them he wants to explain his theories... even so, the play was slow, almost too slow, but something happened a kind of, it was like a "betoverende cadans" it's hard to explain (grrr just found out I left my D-E dictionaries in the old house, only took the E-D with me... Stupid!)
Ah! "Enchanting cadans/rhythm" came over everything. The "design" of the play was clean and cool, emptiness, cool clean clothing, cool clean actors, the lightning like a movie, the music wonderful '40's music, one of my favourites. Clean everything clean, even the smoking was clean, but the story... how can you stay clean when choosing between two bad things? When being in politics? Can anybody stay clean? I don't know; I don't know what "clean" people are. Now I am getting long myself, I can’t really say why, but I loved the play, I loved the “cleanness” I loved the “look” I loved the “feel” Maybe most of all, I loved the loneliness…

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