Monday, 14 May 2007

Meiji Kimono

This kimono is really special.
Uchikake usually are, but this one is old, as is the kimono. They smell wonderful! I think the previous owner stored them lovingly in a scented space. It’s a very special smell and I have smelled it before on /in very old kimono, I wonder what it is...
The purple colour is really deep and rich, the silk soft and glossy, the embroidery threads are, thick and silk. Wonderful patterns of flowers and angel wings, turtles and... There is so much, flowers are embroidered as family crests which I think looks really nice.
The silk of these kimono is extremely soft and glossy, there is really nothing to compare to this type of silk, it's almost miraculous. The embroidery on the uchikake is very lavish and riche, I can't believe she is mine. There is a small voice inside me telling me I should sell her. I can't display her (I did *blush*) but it is not good for the old silk, also she is weak, there are some weak spots. At the shoulders I saw there is a little tear coming. Some places are very slightly worn. The glossy silk becoming a bit dull. Which doesn't mean she isn't in a very good condition, she is, especially considering her age... But it's so fragile, sometimes it makes me nervous. But it's so special to own a kimono like this!

The furisode I love maybe even more. The softest silk as a whisper completely wadded/batted with silk floss, so comfortably warm…Mmm it is spring time, hitoe almost! Never mind I was just again doing colour sketches and never tried this wonderful set. I tied an Meiji era white obi, also of the softest baby silk and wadded/batted with silk floss, strange I never saw that before, but it has a nice warm, soft and delicate effect. Just fooling around with my camera and new remote, that's what I am trying to hide in my hands ^_^ (I need to practise, so why not make it fun and play with my kimono finally…!) The painting on this kimono is really subtle and soft, very typical for late Meiji and Taisho era kimono. I love how the white edges against the red. This red doesn't look good on me (in real life) but wow what a lovely colour it is!

My notebook is giving me little electric shocks; well it has been doing that for months now… What can it be, and what could I do to stop it, it’s annoying! Just write this down, you never know, some one reading my kimono talks might know.

And, blogger is a pain! But I am afraid it's (our) wireless, because here at work *blush* everything is just fine! Could that be? Mmm weird...


Anonymous said...

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Berber said...

Hello Sara, it’s ok that’s what blogs are for, arn´t they?
I usually buy my kimono and yukata at Ichiroya´s (see my links) They have a good selection, vintage and new yukata. You can choose your own (yukata) obi to go with your yukata and geta, they also have the appropriate underwear. So just go to their site and make your own set, that’s the easiest way. The other link, to Kyoto kimono is good too, they have nice ones also. And then there is they have sets (sometimes)

Momofuku said...

I came across your blog by searching for kitsuke article in English for my foreign friend.
Your Uchikake caught my eyes.. absolutely beautiful. Amazing craftsmanshhip, isn't it? Thanks for sharing this Uchikake photo! And you look gorgeous!!


Misuchi said...

Thank you! On all accounts, it's good to know more people enjoy my kimono collection.