Tuesday, 8 May 2007

New Dress

Paris here I come!
I am going to Paris again *happy sigh* First I need to relax a bit more because a virus caught me and I am really "out" because off it, not nice, don't like being sick. But... I went to the hairdresser to make me feel "clean" again nice fresh short hair cut and a long the way I bought a dress... for Paris... hihi with BB pattern. as a teen I always wanted dresses like this with BB pattern and wide petticoats, some times I would wear them... but now? All the time! It is a rare occasion you will find me in pants. But this dress... she screamed Paris!!! to me and I had to get her. I know, I will talk kimono soon really, promised.
Too bad the petticoat is showing underneath my skirt, that is not nice! I am thinking about getting a red petticoat so it would give a hint of red when I move *giggles*

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