Sunday, 6 May 2007

My Angel

Two weeks ago I buried my angel. My sweet baby cat. I loved her more then anything. I was so much looking forward finally having her with me in my new house. The house still wasn't ready enough, but I decided it was time, I missed her long enough, so I was going to pick her up. But she got sick, I took her to the vet on Monday and she needed to stay. Her passing reminds me even more that life is now, I don't have tomorrow. Sure, I thought that Friday morning when I visited her at the vet's, I'll pick her up this afternoon and we will go to the new house together and start over, together. Tomorrow...
View hours later I was with her at the vet but she died in my arms. My poor baby, she was so sick. My beautiful darling I miss her, she leaves an emptiness I never expected. Did take her home, I buried her in secret very early on Sunday morning in the garden right beneath my window, it’s a good spot underneath small bushes, a spot she would have loved to sleep at in summer time…
Why post about this sadness here? Well... she loved kimono! (Do you know a cat who doesn't?)
She loved to sneak into kimono for a snooze, she loved to jump on my kimono covered lap, she loved to "help" me when sewing kimono or when folding kimono. She is pretty, as a kimono
My beautiful little darling, I miss you and will love you for ever.

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