Sunday, 17 December 2006


Pictures taken in my nice camelia patterned blue kimono. First I paired her with an nagoya obi with stripes (because I would go for an informal visit) but decided against that and went for way formal, a silvery with pink and soft blue fukuro obi, thinking my friend for whom I dressed would appreciate that, and he did ^_^ I dressed it down with the accessories. Ah well, I saw in the picture that the blue of the obi jime is way off and it makes a weird curve...
Mmm... well I walked around in this kimono for 12 hours and it (I) was fine. I had a wonderful day and a lady in the Japanese bookstore said: "Nice!" to me, looking at my kimono, which always makes me feel happy.
It was a fun day, thank you!


Anonymous said...

I recognize you from the kyotokimono website! I admire your kitsuke ability quite a bit, I haven't gotten the sharp lines down yet.

Misuchi said...

Thank you, the sharplines are hard, I have trouble with them too. More sturdy types of silk help, as you can see in that creme with fans kimono I wore previously, that's a soft silk, much harder to dress in. And just practice and keep in mind kimono are fun, and so is dressing in them. Happy kimono play ^_^