Wednesday, 1 November 2006


I wore kimono again for a whole day! The store I work for attended a fair and I decided this was a good change to wear a kimono ^_^
the choice was between two kimono, a modern one crested iro-tomesode in warm orange which does fit me nicely, or an antique happy kimono which is a little small for me. I choose the antique, because it was a tribal fair and, well for some reason "old" felt better. Because I was afraid it would be cold I first put on a lined nagjuban with fun asa pattern, then the kimono! She is so fun and bright!
There are many patterns, maple the most important one maple and tachibana. Maybe the colors are not really "me" mmm not sure but I like her. I paired her with my antique chuu-ya obi which surprisingly has the same blue-ish purple color as some of the maples! Then I found my old white/creamy with red shibory pattern obi age and an old wider obi jime which had the good color but not the right length... Could it be a maikos?
It´s much wider then normal obi jime and shorter, so I tied it in the back (*blush*) as maiko would do, if I had an obi dome or even a brooche I would have used that too, but I do not. Maybe somewhere in a box, but because of all the moving I am doing I have nothing at hand right now, I was already happy I could make this combi!

The zori are new, black soles and warm yellow mustard color thongs.
Lastly, still afraid of being cold I put on a blue-ish purple haori.
I was warm! In the evening I walked home with out the coat and reached home nice and cool, kimono dress is hot!
I forgot... there was a Japanese lady, oh *blush* of course she noticed the kimono was a bit too small... ai. She did compliment me on my kitsuke was pleased about the upper back seam being in the middle, not to pleased about the lower backseem not being in the middle, but I can´t wear kimono any other way. I am not a big girl but my hips are too wide for most kimono so the back seam shifts to the left, is this really not done? I always kind of thought this would be ok...? She also didn´t like my obi jime being tied like that, too modern. Hihi *blush*


The Chrome Kamuro said...

I LOVE the older, smaller, happy kimono! The colors are lovely, and I love the way the haori looks with it. =) I have one of those too, very young-girlish and small, but it makes me smile every time I see it. But why have you concealed your pretty face, Sister? *knuffel*

Poo...I think the Japanese lady was a bit rude. Did you ask for her critique?

Irina V. Ivanova said...

I think that Japanese lady who criticized you jugged you by standards of authenticity . I would judge by standards of art which allows ( if not require) stylization .Your kimono is may be not 100% authentic but beautifully stylized. In my opinion.
Thanks for sharing
P.S. you should post more often you have a nice blog:)

Misuchi said...

hihi the lady did compliment me, don’t get me wrong, she liked it all but I guess she wanted to show she knew what she was talking about?
Thanks for all the kind words again *blush*
I try to post as often as possible, thank you for liking my blog! Writing my blog and reading the comments make me happy so… But as for now most of my collection is not with me and I did not have a camera, but as you saw I have one now!
Dear sister I hit my face because I was in a hurry to get to work and didn’t have time to get my camera 3 leg (what’s that called in English?) out... hihi next time!

yn_ame said...

This is my first comment on your blog, but I have been reading your entries for a while. I always love it when you update! You have such lovely kimono and you wear them so well too (regardless of whether certain practices are "proper" or not). I'm still fairly new to kitsuke so it's very helpful for me to read about the experiences of someone who knows more than I do!

And about the camera...I think the word you are looking for is "tripod," yes?

eleryth said...

I was just directed to your blog by a member of a forum I'm on. I wish I wore kimono often enough to have a kimono blog!

As for the back seam, as long as the upper back seam is in the middle, it's alright. The bottom half does not have to sit in the middle. Ideally, it should, but that only happens on kimono that are the right size for you. If it's a little too small, it's perfectly ok to have the bottom seam off a bit. My sensei (when I studied kimono for a bit, she's a licenced Sodo Kimono teacher [that's Yamanaka Norio's school]) said it was fine, so be confident in your kitsuke! :)

(I only have livejournal)

Nanohana said...

You find the strangest things, Misuchi san! Usually japanese are so exceedingly polite that is very difficult to know if you're doing something wrong. And you are a very skilful kimono wearer. So, this lady had a very unusual attitude...

Ah! And don't worry about the colours, please. Maybe these orangeish shades aren't "you" but you look as smart as ever!

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Misuchi said...

Thanks you all again, hi Eleryth I know you from IG I was moderator before Naomi closed it, it was fun, but takes too much of my time ^_^ Thanks for letting me know, I always thought that, so that's reasuring.
Yes tripot good!
ok back to sorting kimono... what a way to spend your day...

Family Dog said...

Now ... Wearing a mask !