Saturday, 16 September 2006

Viktor & Rolf

At the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Finally I went to see the performance of Viktor & Rolf in the museum it was wonderful! I have to go again because the place I choose to sit wasn't that good *sigh* and it was so busy that changing places was out of the question... Weird, I thought evening opening where always quiet... On the other hand, during the day The Van Gogh is cramped with people and that wasn't the case in the evening so I should not complain! Just go again ^_^

The performance showed two ladies, one in western dress of the 1900 and the other in Japanese dress of the 1900. Well, kind of, of course they where designs of Viktor & Rolf
I liked it, the women danced and they showed very good the way how women where like cadged bird during that era (well in short, I am in a hurry) The only thing that kind of bothered me... Why did they put the Asian lady in a kimono like dress, but closed this one right over left (like the Western way of closing women's dress) so now (in the Japanese way) the lady was death... Didn't they know? Or did they chose to make it western? I think it's weird... I'll look for pictures later...


Nanohana said...

Ah, Misuchi san!

I'm so glad to read you again! I was worried, wondering if you weren't going to post enything eny more. Yours is my favourite kimono blog; I think you have the best kitsuke, the most gorgeous kimono collection, and really very good taste. So, please, keep it up!!

And about the kimono crossed rigth over left, ugggh... I have seen it several times and makes me feel very awkward. My daughter (se's only nine, it's an intolerant age) gets frantic and shouts it's disrespectful... hmm.
(Ah, and she says you are a courageous woman because you wash your face with uguisu no fun... althoug it seems to me she finds it amusing!)

Nyanko said...

Hello! *hugs*

The Viktor and Rolf thing sounds neat! I wish I could see. Did you take any pictures?

Yeah, it's sad about the left-right thing...they do it at Japanese restaurants here all the time...but well, I don't say anything anymore because sometimes their service is "dead," too :P

Misuchi said...

Thank you! *blush*
I´ll try to post pictures soon, it´s new for me to be busy *sigh* so it´s hard to find time to `kimono´
I think I will send the "boys" an email and ask about the right over left... it could be western fashion, all my wrap dresses close like this as do blouses and jackets because right over left is for women... I hope they answer... I´ll let you know.
No I didn´t take any pictures (no camera) but there where post cards so I´ll see if I can scan that one and show...
Again thank you both (and your daugther too)