Friday, 15 September 2006

Uguisu no Fun

Yes, finally... I am back, and also... finally I received my traditional Japanese beauty items. I think I asked for them almost two years ago when my friend moved to Japan and he... forgot? But now they reached me and it is so fun! Dear friend, thank you!

1- Uguisu no Fun (Nightingale droppings)
Geisha’s secret item! Japanese Traditional Beauty Secret's ultra violet light treated Nightingale droppings are completely free of bacteria. They have been used for Kabuki actor & Geisha's make-up cleansing for centuries in Japan and contain a natural enzyme (guanine, an amino acid w/ ammonia bleaching qualities) which has a natural lightening action. Click a photo for larger image. Natural enzyme powder of NIGHTINGALE DROPPINGS helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaves skin soft, smooth and brighter. How to use: Mix with 1/2 teaspoon of NIGHTINGALE DROPPINGS, and a few drops of warm water in your palm. Apply to moist face and neck in small, circular motions (Avoid eye area). Rinse well with water. Store in cool, dry place

2- Adzuki bean scrub
Geisha’s secret item! Japanese 100% natural extremely fine AZUKI RED BEAN GRAINS exfoliant which gently buff away dulling surface flakes, unclogging pores and smoothing your skin's texture. AZUKI RED BEAN GRAINS has been used as a face wash in Japan for 1,200 years, and court beauties of ancient Japan would scrub face and body with small silk bags containing Adzuki Powder; modern Japanese women use cotton bags or apply directly to the skin. The adzuki bean is valued in Japan for its medical properties and its lacquer-red hue; its effectiveness as a beauty treatment is truly time-honoured. Also our Adzuki Micro grains & Organic Brown Sugar Soap is very popular for sensitive skin!

3- Nuka to fukuro (Rice bran wash)
The Japanese women's "common sense" beauty treatment since the generation before facial soap Japanese rice bran wash contains essential fatty acids, rich in the Vitamin E complex that includes tocopherols and tocotrienols. Nukabukuro/Rice bran wash has been known as the Japanese women's "common sense" beauty treatment since the generation before facial soap. This 100% natural Rice bran wash helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells without dryness. Leaves skin soft and smooth.
INDICATIONS: All skin types, Recommended for use instead of soap on blemished skin, and sensitive skin.
How to use: Put 2 table spoon Rice bran powder into a cotton bag (2 cotton bags are included in each package) and tie its string. Apply wet Rice barn wash bag to moist face and neck in small circular motions.(Avoid eye area) Rinse well with water. Ingredients: 100% Pure Rice bran Powder No Alcohol, No Artificial Colour, No Artificial Fragrance, Not Tested on Animals*Store in a cool, dry place.

I took the information from

I have been using the nightingale droppings for about a week now and hope it's working. My skin seems a bit lighter and more even, but that could be hope, I don't know, I'll go on using it until the bottle is finished, which should happen soon since the bottle is really tiny *cry* But even though the idea of putting birdie-poo on my face is revolting and the smell is just like the birds cadges I remember from zoos (eew) It does seem to work and it is not that bad... besides, birds eat seeds not disgusting things like people, dogs and pigs do, so their droppings are pretty ok... what we women tell ourselves for beauty... *sigh* Doesn't matter, these birdie-poo's should do the same trick as Shiseido's special cream and that would cost me *gulp* € 80,- for a tiny tiny container, so no to Shiseido (even though I love that brand and wear the perfume) but poor womens birdie-poo ^_^


Nyanko said...

So it gets rid of wrinkles? I have wrinkles around my eyes. It hints it will get rid of freckles...(lightening action)...maybe I will have to try some...hmm...

Hah, if I used the Nuka to Fukuro, I'd get a rash. That part of the rice I am allergic to. I could try to Azuki stuff, though.

Did you buy from the Chidoriya?

It's so nice to see you posting again :)

Misuchi said...

No not wrinkles, darkness from sun or scaring from acne. I don´t know where it was bought, my friend who moved to Japan bought it for me, but otherwise I would have bought from Chidoria or get it of off eBay, there is a seller selling it, forgot his name but you´ll find him.
Thank you for missing me ^_^ hihi, I have no digital camera (it broke down on me) and no time but I´ll try...

Anonymous said...

You used to be able to buy Adzuki washing grains from the Body Shop - they were great but unfortunately they stopped making them about 8 years ago :(

Moitan said...

You know, folks, I just did a google search for "uguisu no fun" and one of the top five results was this "Japanese Beauty Products" which sells everything everyone else does, hannari (eBay store) and chidoriya, but for less. Their packaging is different, but it must be the same "fun", how many ways can there be for a nightingale to poop?
I've yet to try their stuff, let alone order from them, but they have an expanded list of beauty products that I've noticed hannari carries, and I've yet to compare the lists of and
Just a thought to you enthusiasts.

Sarah said...


i found ur blog while looking for some info about Uguisu no Fun.. It looks quite interesting.. Could u please tell me if it really works? Thank u so much have a great day =)

Misuchi said...

I am not sure...
I think it does work
But is was a long time ago I used it last, and I do not really have dark spots, it did take away the slight brown patches from the sun...