Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Wintertime Love

Not too long ago I watched the A&E documentary on geisha.... Mr. Golden annoyed me *blush* but the documentary is wonderful and the kimono..... *drool* too bad (for me) there where more maiko then geisha portrayed... but never the less... gorgeous!
The geisha interviewed showed some kimono of hers for every season and she showed a wonderful soft green for winter...
He! I have a soft green one crested iro muji, I am going to dress in that one for new years... (Chinese New Year was last Sunday) But I was up North last weekend and did not bring kimono of course not, though maybe grandma would love to have seen me in one? Who knows I never asked ^_^
I love this iro muji, the color is so subtle... I paired her with a bright bleu nagoya obi with Camellia pattern, to enhance the cool winter feel. The white obi age (I know I show to much, but I like this one so much) and the green obi jime look "cool" to me also.
The crest is a stripe (hikiryo) Here is some info taken from the book The Elements of Japanese design by John Dower : "In wartime, Japanese generals of the feudal period surrounded their encampments with huge cloth sewn together horizontally and varying in color (usually white, blue and black) to distinguish the individual general and his followers. The stripe thus assumed strong martial connotations and became a mark of identification on personal military gear as well. In the early fourteenth century the heads of the Ashikaga and Nitta, then the two most powerful clans in Japan, both adopted stripe patterns as a family crest."
The colors might be cool, the kimono is nice and warm... wintertime love... ^_^

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