Tuesday, 24 January 2006


tja... iro what...? Tomesode. It was an iro tomesode ones. But the previous owner has blotted out the two front crests. So now it is a three crested iro tomesode. Its ok, I love her! She is longer then "normal" and I could wear her with the skirt left trailing, the hem is slightly padded, so that would look nice... But today I decided to go for "practical" and fold the ohashori.
I still doubt what obi would be perfect for this kimono. I was thinking about buying a vintage ed one for her... now I paired her with an orange girls obi, yes it is too small for me and I do not care for this obi, for some reason I do not think it's special *blush* But I do like the color with this kimono and I think the blue in the obi is a nice surprise, it matches the blue in the kimono. I added red obi age and a green. personally I like the green better, a little more contrast, but considering the friezing cold of the moment and the dark purple/red sky outside, the red obi age is quite nice too, it adds warmth I feel...
There is also a crème with green vintage maru obi in my collection that might work with this kimono... Maybe I'll try tomorrow... right now it is to dark for taking any more pictures... A lighter obi might give the ensemble a "lighter feel" for some reason this combination feels a bit "heavy" to me.
Hihi, finally I tried on this kimono... She arrived at my house the 3rd of June... I even made a post about her, but never wore her *sigh*

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