Friday, 13 January 2006

Party Kimono

For New Years we should dress up in nice kimono and visit family... I didn't... just didn't feel like dressing up and stuff. But today was a beautiful day outside and I decided to dress in the kimono that was my birthday present... It's a real party kimono and good for winter. The colors are so warm and bright!
Maybe too bright for my age, but I do not care, I like it. I paired it with a golden/yellowish obi, orange obi age and red obi jime. Under it I wear a geisha dance nagajuban, very bright... I didn't add a han eri because I wanted to show the pretty color... also it's too long or the kimono too short ^_^ It doesn't matter I wanted to dress in a somewhat loose kimono style... *Blush*


Raks Hime said...

Great colors! I always love seeing what you'l put on next!

The Chrome Kamuro said...

YOU GO, IMOUTO!!! =D Push those kitsuke bounderies. It always works when you do.

That's my favorite juban EVER. And I love the little touches and peeks of red here and there on the predominantly blue and yellow background. That red obijime is the perfect accessory.

I label this outfit a success! *knuffel*

Misuchi said...

Thank you dear ladies!
Kimono make me happy, but sharing vain pictures even more trying new outfits, thank you for commenting!

I'll try to do more... need not to be so tired, kitsuke is hard work ^_^