Wednesday, 18 January 2006


So, and now what was under the party kimono...
Party underwear *gigglies*
It's an extra long nagajuban and it was made for dancing. It was sold as a "geisha juban" which could very well be, but of course I do not know. The difference with "normal" nagajuban is that
1- It is longer. And that's why it fits me perfectly other then "normal" nagajuban and that was also the reason why I bought it in the first place.
2- The skirt is closed exactly as with an azuma skirt (which is a closed susojoke used for dancing also). So, this is a nagajuban for dancing. The good thing is the wrap skirt can't open, so you will never show any leg, very decent ^_^
Of course I did not only buy it for the size and the possibility it might have been the underwear of a geisha... I love, love the pattern, color and whole feel of the nagajuban... Swoon... It's also nice and warm.


Aoki said...

I love the red/white combination. And the pattern is.... sugoiiii. It has to be great for a yukata, for example.

Umm, yukatas....I can't wait for Bon Odori in July ^_^.

Misuchi said...

Thank you for visiting!
Yes I love the pattern too, it's really special (I think)
Yes yukata! Hihi I can't wait for summer too, I love to wear yukata ^_^