Wednesday, 14 December 2005

White Christmas?

Dear girls, you don't need a wedding to own and dress in a wedding dress. Because, lets be honest now, isn't it all about the dress ~_^ hihi.
I never formally wedded... but do own two wedding dresses (not counting Japanese wedding sets... pictures will follow...)
I had my hair made white and wanted to see how it would be with my black Christmas dress. Well that was nice but then I thought... white, I want to see white white...
So I got my darling secondhand wedding gown from the closet and played dress up... so, a long dress for Christmas... nono too bride-y
Or I'll cut the dress remove the pearly things and make it into a cocktail dress... for Christmas? It would be something else to go in white instead of black (red)
I must say I kind of like the idea of dressing in white and white is a good color this year... mmm but maybe not an altered wedding dress.
Just having some fun *blush*
Being vain again.

1 comment:

The Chrome Kamuro said...

*sighs wistfully*
Your platinum hair and white dress are knocking my tabi off, Imouto. I love the dress long, too. It's sad that hemlines don't drag the ground unless there's 'Holy Matrimony' involved.
Makes me want to go out and buy a wedding dress to play in!