Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Looking like outside...

The sky is still clear and blue... It's cold... The trees are almost barren, but they have a view yellow leaves left. I saw, when I drove north this weekend there where trees with lots of colors, but where I live I mostly see yellow... Perfect for my soft blue kimono... Paired with a yellow, orang-y maru obi... I look like outside ^_^

I chose to wrap the obi around only ones... because wow these maru obi are so thick! Makes me look like a stuffed sausage when wrapping it twice... I do not like that, so only ones this time.

I went for a green obi jime, because I still see some green outside and 
there is a little green in the kimono. The obi age is contrasting soft wine red... because I found some gorgeous chrysanthemums on the street today in that shade and I thought it looked quite nice... 

Cool orange zori... all is vintage this time except for the accessories and the undergarments... hihi

I love how the color of my hair matches the obi's! How fun!


The Chrome Kamuro said...

You're a vision in blue, Misuchi-chan. *knuffel* Makes me want to go out and buy all the blue kimono I can get my hands on! And those orange zori!!!!

Raks Hime said...

You look ridiculously cute! I want vintage kimono!!!

Aoki said...

Hello. I'm Aoki from Spain. I've been reading your blog for a few months, but this is the first time I write to you.

Misuchi-chan, you look really beautiful in that blue kimono (I would like blue suits me so good).

PD: Sorry for my terrible English, but i write worse in japanese :)

Misuchi said...

Ah ladies, thank you so much!
Chrome knows blue is my first love ^_^
Vintage kimono are the best! ... but modern ones easier to dress in... I want both in my collection *blush*
Your English is great Aoki! Don't apologize.
Again thanks for making me feel good and give me a reason to post more kitsuke attempts ^_^

PuchiMaiko said...

Oh! Mishuchi - this is just a gorgeous, gorgeous outfit! Chrome is right - the colour suits you perfect. I love how the obi matches your hair also! A perfect combination!