Wednesday, 31 August 2005


Yesterday I learned a new word.

きくずれ kikuzure
きくずれ(n) worn out of shape

It was while I was making inquiries about kimono bra’s. The lady said it is good to reduce “kikuzure-kimono becoming loose and untidy” Being curious I put it in google and found this site:
Main site
Study furisode.
Kikuzure page
There are many gorgeous furisode to look at and drool over but the best part are all the (short) videos. It takes some time to watch them all and there are not really any new things for people who have a lot of kitsuke books, but still, seeing the pictures move is really fun and helpful.


Raks Hime said...

Thank you for the links! Yay! I don't own any kitsuke books as of yet so this is great.

Misuchi said...

Oh I am glad you liked it, it's very fun isn't it?
If you are looking for a nice kitsuke book and easy one is this one Gary Bloom is selling on eBay the price is also great, I think it's the retail price:

The Book of Kimono by Norio Yamanka is also very helpful and available almost everywhere ^_^

postUK2 said...
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