Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Ro Tsukesage

Today I wanted to wear my tsukesage, it has been a long time since I dressed in this one. The kimono is dark blue with pink, light green and white maple leaves and stylized water, so perfect for a warm late summer day with fall in the air. I wanted to pair it with a pink-ish ro fukuro obi but then I realized that from the 20est of August a hitoe obi is more appropriate. So I choose my soft green hakata.
I paired the set with a corn yellow ro obi age, and white with blue ro obi jime.
It’s not very funky or bright or contrasting, but I do like it a lot, maybe it would be better with a pink obi age, I will see next time I wear this kimono.
Dressing in kimono on a sunny day is hot! All the layers! The kimono bra, waist padding hadajuban (today I tried my one piece for the first time its wonderful!
I am converted) nagajuban (also a ro two piece) and then the kimono and the obi, I skipped all datejime thinking that would help a bit (I have the rubber backed ones and those are warm!)

With the obi I tried to tie a clamshell again, now the bigger version of course because the obi is full width. It was hard and I did not really succeed. It’s ok but it need work. Later when it’s cool again (which will probably be sooner then I like) I’ll try again with full fukuro, I guess hitoe season will be over then.
I just returned from a walk in the park and I noticed the leaves are already turning, so kimono colors need to become warmer too… I still feel like ro and soft summer colors ^_^ The summer has been so rainy and cold I feel reluctant to accept fall is coming.

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