Monday, 20 June 2005

Yukata washing

Today I washed my blue yukata EEEKS it was a first for me and I was very nervous.

Because the weather is really gorgeous and I needed to do some serious spring-cleaning; so I cleaned the house and I washed all my winter clothing and bedding, phew, hoping everything would dry very quickly in this warm weather (and it did)

I did wash a yukata before, but that was a white one with blue-ish pattern and I was sure it wouldn't bleed (it had obviously been washed before) But this blue one was completely new and crisp, it had a stiff touch too and it made my underwear blue, so I was very worried. I washed it gentile program very low warmth and soft detergent. and added a little vinegar because I remember my mother told me when I was a little girl this would help the color "stick".

The kimono came out wonderfully ^_^ a little softer then before the wash, but it still feels as if some starch was left in the kimono. After some ironing the kimono looks as new again, what a relief ^_^

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