Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Kimono goodies!

Today the postman came at the door with his arms filled with packages! Yay! Three where for me, one with tabi

Sadly the tabi are too big, now I have to try and make them smaller. It's a good thing I did not buy more! One contained a painted soft orangey obi

I think it's really special. It's hard to find good condition vintage, painted obi, and this one is all that! I am very happy; she will look nice with quite a view kimono I think...
and the last but not least zori and a purse, those are soo cute adorable!

pink Zori


They are made with left over kimono fabric; the fabric is even in the boxes. The zori are in a cute golden box, the fabric is covered with sticky plastic this makes the zori durable and shiny, it's fun to see the left over fabric so I can analyze how they made them.
The purse is from the same fabric only not covered with sticky plastic so it's soft silk really wonderful! I am very happy to have won them, especially since the seller did not put them in one listing (strangely) not even on the same day! Well, I won them and I am happy!
Even the weather is gorgeous today! Happy day!


PuchiMaiko said...

The obi is absolutely beautiful! I am curious to see what type of kimono you pair it with.

Misuchi said...

Me too ^_^