Monday, 27 June 2005

Kurotomesode and Hakata obi

I have been searching for pictures of geisha in full formal kurotomesode susohiki combined with a hakata obi... But until now did not find one. Only this picture,
it's from a kitsuke site that doesn't exist anymore. It's a shame really because it was a great site. The kitsuke process (the photo's of it) are in this book It's a wonderful book, it has it all. Kitsuke of formal kimono, informal, furisode, tomesode bride geisha maiko and Heian princess and prince... And many many obi musubi!


Auberginefleur said...

May I use your photo of Kurosode and Hakata on my blog? I will link back to your site and credit you with the origin of the photo. I also couldn't find a photo anywhere.


Misuchi said...

Yes that is okay.
But it is not mine.
It's from that book I link in the post. But I guess you knew that.

AF said...

Thank you. If I post it, I will let you know. Much appreciated.


Auberginefleur said...

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