Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Sewing the pieces

I started sewing and decided to sew the kimono by hand after all. First I thought to go fast and use the machine, but this is just as fun and not that slow I noticed. Besides I can sit cozily on the couch and glance at the TV. Stripes are a dream to sew! Especially since sewing a kimono means mostly sewing straight lines.

Sewing the pieces to make the kimono.


Jodie said...


I'm doing some reserach into making my own kimono at the moment (from a bolt I bought from Ichiroya) and i have Henni Dobson's book on japanese clothing, but I'm a little confused about the pattern. I had a look at my komon kimono, and yukata and they have a horizontal seam across the back, around the bottom of the shoulder blades. Is that seam decorative? folding material into the seam? I just can't imagine that you would cut the two main body pieces at any point - so they just drape over each shoulder and are joine dta the back. How did you make your kimonos? Did you have a horizontal seam on the back?

I love your web pages, and your kimono are beutiful!



Misuchi said...

Hey Jodi, sorry I did not see this before...
The fabric isn't cut, it's just a fold. This one is made to adjust the length of the kimono to fit your height. I never make the horizontal fold (while using Japanese fabric) because I am kind of tall (not really but compared to Japanese probably) but if you have enough room, just make the fold it's more traditional this way!
Thank you for the compliments!
I hope you'll see this after all...