Monday, 16 May 2005

Cutting the fabric

To me the most scary part of sewing, cutting the gorgeous fabric. It doesn't matter what fabric it is, I always feel anxious cutting it, but Japanese fabric has this effect even more

After some time I did find the courage and cut the fabric in pieces.

For hitoe kimono with Japanese fabric a 37 cm:

Ideally I would use these measurements:
Body front =J = 170cm
Body back = J = 170cm
Total 2x 340cm.
Overlap =J-N =150 à hem = 1/2de J = 85 cm.
Sleeve = 50 cm.
Collar = J + 1/2C =195 cm.

But since the bolt was a bit too small, I used these:
Body front =J = 165cm
Body back = J = 165cm
Total 2x 330cm.
Overlap =2x J-N =145 à hem = 1/2de J = 82.5 cm.
Sleeve = 4x 45 cm.
Collar = J + 1/2C =180.5 cm.

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