Sunday, 29 May 2005

Kimono Couple

Here are some pictures of the dolls I showed at the opening of the exhibition.
The man doll in formal hakama and the women doll in furisode, don't they look like a handsome couple?

Kimono couple

Kimono couple back

Furisode obi (jime) close
Picture of the fancy obi jime for furisode, they are so funky! I left the cellophane on the tassels to protect them until I will use them for "real" not just practice as I did now.…

Furisode musubi close
I tried to tie a musubi called Mandarin Duck, but I feel I did not really succeed, though it looks kind of ok, it's not perfect and the obi is not really right for this furisode and this bow. I'll have to find the perfect obi for this perfect furisode...…


ShiryuNoHomare said...

Hi !
Wonderful pictures on your blog.. I think You've done a quite good job with this Furisode.. Very nice tie with the obijime.. I also have problems with obi when I dress my friends for tea ceremonies, it's sometimes nice but rarely perfect.. And they are really a few to know how to dress with kimono ;o)
I laughed when I saw You've left cellophane on the tassels, We are alike as I'm always afraid to damage my japanese items until it's the right moment ( will that time exist really someday ? lol )
Keep that way ! Nice blog ! :)

ichiro said...

Hello from Japan! Thank you very much for your comment about my post! We are very happy to see your kimono topics in Blogger!
Thank you again!

Misuchi said...

Ah thank you for the comment. As you probably guessed I love kimono and kitsuke ^_^
I am happy to know I am not the only one with that "crazy streak" Some of my friends tease me: and tell I have a problem. It's true; there is still a wonderful yukata from Ichiroya hanging in its plastic wrapper... I just can't get myself to pull it out and spoil the perfect-ness... hahaha I even have some accessories in their original box, still unpacked *sigh* (after three years) But now I am glad to know I am not alone! Even though I try to wear kimono everyday, you are right, there's never the perfect occasion... and I am too old and too married to wear furisode ~_^ But I have a little sister in the perfect age group so I’ll try to get her in it some day.

Ichiro san! thank you for visiting my blog! Did you recognize your bolt and obi? You really have the best items for sale. Your site is my biggest addiction, I just can’t stay away *blush*
It is wonderful we all can communicate more true this fun blog system!