Thursday, 2 June 2005

The blue hitoe

Before I made the brown stripe kimono I made this blue hitoe kimono. It's my favorite color and I paired it with a chuya obi (again from Ichiroya,) It’s an easy set because it’s all rayon, no problems with water drops or cat hairs ^_^

I tied the obi in a loose old fashioned style bow, because a taiko didn't look right with this soft obi. I like the combination of blue with black it feels very stylish to me.

It's really wonderful to dress in a kimono that fits perfectly. Kitsuke is so much easier this way!


dani said...

lovely blog. so funny to see you working and showing this blog as you do. you made your own kimono. why exactly? just for fun, curiousity for art sake? it really suits you!

Misuchi said...

Hi Dani,
Thank you. I just love (to dress in) kimono. And no, I do not make all my kimono. To me this sewing is handy-craft, not art… I collect kimono and try to buy kimono that actually fit me. This is a problem; especially the sleeve to sleeve length is always short. The more formal kimono are usually ok, but daily kimono I just can't find in the proper length. So that's why I started to buy bolts from Ichiro san and Yuka san (next to buying kimono because I can't stop buying those!) But until now I only made two kimono (with success) I just love vintage kimono especially Taisho and early Showa and those are often pretty short, this is actually a good thing because it limits my choice because the kimono need a minimum length for me (155cm) but that’s bare minimum, better is from 163cm up wards, well, you probably know, that’s rare.

You are the girl with the art blog, yes? I looked at it, you make wonderful work, I’ll go back often to have a look… next time I will send you a message.