Sunday, 15 May 2005

Striped kimono sewing

I started with my first striped kimono, phew. I have sewn kimono before, but using wide western type of fabric. It's a cotton bolt from Ichiroya's, very nice ( a little drab brown) but nice. The bolt is a little too short for me to make the perfect fitting kimono, but at least the sleeve to sleeve should be ok. I started with this one because I bought an even nicer one in blue, but because I love it more, first try with the brown one.

Bolt of cotton fabric.

And... It's time for koromogae
ころもがえ (koromogae) - change of dress
- seasonal changing of clothes.

So time for storing the awase (lined) kimono away and to pull the hitoe from the shelves. So I should sew quickly so I will be able to wear this kimono until it's time for ro.

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