Friday, 27 May 2005

Accessories used for kimono

This a half collar which needs to be basted to the nagajuban, may be silk, rayon, cotton or what you like. They are usually white, but can be colored and printed too. For formal dress they may be subtle embroidered, for furisode with cute embroidered flowers, with informal dress anything goes.

Is to make the collar stiff it needs to be inserted in the han eri.

Koshi Himo
Long ties to help secure the kimono and obi, you need at least three.

This is a modern one with rubber backing and velcro. They come in fancy silk (hakata weave) types too, these are very nice, but the modern ones are easy.

Obi ita.
Obi board, needs to be inserted between obi layers (or under the obi) this will provide a wonderful smooth, wrinkle less obi.

Obimakura (normal)
Obi pillow, used to help create a nice round otaiko drum bow.

Bigger type obi pillow used for most musubi(bows) used with furisode.

This is a very convenient tool to help the kimono collar from slipping; it’s used instead of a koshihimo.

Obi clip
Convenient tool to help prevent the obi makura from sliding down. It also helps tying the obi.


dlldaw said...

Shitsurei shimasu de Nihongo no Romaji -
Where can you get a decent haneri collar with plain snaps in just plain white cotton/polyester/rayon? The vendors offering erin haneri want $62 which I think is absolutely outrageous. I don't want anything fancy, just something simple that I can change out with most of my kuro tomesode that have western style metal snaps. I would love a nice silk one, but most are vintage and stained. I want something that can be WORN, not something for Nihongo wannabees that is just going to be displayed. If you know of a good source, please share!

Arigatou gozaimasu
Gakusei Nihongo no

Misuchi said...

Hello, Ichiroya has nice ones... the seller I link too in "accessories" has some too. Look at eBay, you can buy anything there.
Han eri usually are just plain strips of polyester, you could just cut a piece of fabric you like into 15 by 40 cm and sew it too your nagajuban. But you talk about snaps, I never heard of this, so I am afraid I can't help you on this one...