Thursday, 26 May 2005

Kimono Under Wear

It's too warm for kimono today, at least for cleaning the house and wear a kimono. Even though we can wear hitoe now, kimono dress is warm! Now according to this site: The Beauty of kimono, we should wear everything hitoe, from kimono obi too nagajuban. So no kimono dress today, maybe later, but here are pictures of all the under layers worn with kimono:

hadajuban and susoyoke. The first layer for under your kimono, it's to protect nagajuban and kimono from sweat etc. There are one pieces too, but I prefer the two piece underwear.

With waist towel, the waist towel provides an even more tubular look, which is something highly valued with kimono dress.

Two piece hitoe nagajuban.

These two piece nagajuban are really convenient and easy to wear, I like them a lot! Nagajuban can create a nice contrast with the kimono when you choose one in a color that either matches the kimono or contrasts with it. Nagajuban also protect the kimono from sweat but they have a stiff collar too, which provides a nice clean kimono collar line...

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