Friday, 28 March 2014


mamechiyo kimonokimono styling

Yesterday (27th of March 2014) Manami Okazaki Came to my place to do an interview about my passion for kimono and how I use kimono in my art work. Manami Okazaki is writing a book about modern kimono culture, which I think should be very interesting as she interviewed and will interview a wide range of (kimono) people.
She was super sweet and it was hard to part, I would have loved to take her to lunch, but work was waiting.
The book should be printed around April 2015, I for one can’t wait to see it!
I did wear kimono for the morning interview. My Mamechiyo Modern half moon kimono. As it has a very spring-like feel to it. This spring theme I enhanced by using a pink antique chuya obi and accessories in the same colour tones as the kimono.

Berber Oostenbrug

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Walter said...

I have heard from her too. I'm interested to see what the book will be like ,Berber.