Sunday, 2 September 2012

Quick Preview

Just a quick idea what I want to wear to the opening next Suday.

1-It has to be Blue
2- Preferably Hitoe
3-It needs some autumnal theme

It better not rain as I really really want to wear silk

Berber Kimono


Kyuukaryuko said...

I like it! The obi is very nice, beautiful combination with that kimono.

And your hair is so long!

Misuchi said...

Thank you!

And yes the hair it's growing wild (can't get hold of the hairdresser) but now I kind of get attached to it ^_^

Sekhet said...

Vibrant but not all over - Like Like

Sekhet said...

Vibrant but classic Like Like

Bebe Taian said...

I love the classic Taisho style! The pairing of colours works really well on you! How do you get the collars to stay so perfect?

Misuchi said...

Thank you Bebe Taian.
As for the collars (not in this case because it was a quick trial) I always use eri-shin.

Shino said...

As for regulations, homongi and a sash with gold and silver embroideries shows your respect for the celebration. You must have nice blue homongi or tomesode sine you have over 200 (300?) kimonos!

Misuchi said...

Dear Shino, I know! But I am afraid I do not have a hitoe blue homongi. An it's in The Netherlands so fairly informal anyway (we're not very formal people ^_^) and the girls helping with the drinks will wear yukata (as this is easy/cleanable/bigger-sizes) so homongi for me would maybe stick-out too much? But, I will have a look in my collection... you never know what's hidden there ^_^

Amy said...

Wonderful outfit as usual. I love the stripes and the combination with he warmer tones. They make it a cool, but not depressing whole. And woa, your hair is so long! Cool! <3

Misuchi said...

Thank you Amy!
Also for my hair, but, today, hairdresser! (no it will not be super short again)