Sunday, 9 September 2012

Opening Exhibition @ Gallery Moon

My outfit for the opening:
Blue hitoe silk komon with silver stripes.
Autumn themed obi, silk chuya with large chrysanthemums, back-side has uroko (fishscale) pattern, you can see a hint of this on top of my obi. As the obi was not so wide I did,t fold it in half, but rather 1/3 so part of the back side would show too.
Orange nagajuban remnants as han eri.
White shibori obi-age
Bright blue obi-jime
(At the opening gold pin polka-dots tabi and black lacquered geta, but it was a hot day, so at home: bare feet)
Berber Kimono
 Jana in yukata with bamboo pattern, as it was hot, very loose and summery style ^_^
With fan!
And blue hanao geta.
 Nina in super cute strawberry yukata with red pin polka-dot red/white obi (Cute!!!)
Juli in dark blue yukata with iris pattern and yellow pre-tied obi.
And fans!
 Three girls looking gorgeous and sweet together in their yukata
 They are cool!
And my works @the exhibition. It was a great opening. It was fun, successful and really really great. Manny friends, all my family and lots and lots of interested people, loved it!
Galerie Moon at Grote Bickersstraat 71 Amsterdam, is a really nice gallery and shop. They are not only a great gallery/shop, but also organize wonderful events, see the website.
Go have a look!
The gallery is at the "Westelijke Eilanden Amsterdam" which is a gorgeous area of the city and absolutely worth of a visit.
So go there, enjoy the area for a lovely walk and every second Sunday of the month you can experience the "Atelier Route" which is extra fun.
Berber Kimono


Walter said...

Great pictures ! I should visit your blog more often :(

Misuchi said...

hihi thank you, but I should post more often ^_^

Misuchi said...

but here you can see more pictures: I tend to update this one more now.