Sunday, 4 March 2012

vintage me

When I was doing the 1920's pictures I also wanted to try a kimono version.
So I looked for a twenties kimono and obi, went for the red han-eri with purple striped omeshi and satin black obi
Changed the saturation

Berber Kimono


Walter said...

Lovely pictures. I like the musubi. Satin black ? Very nice match.

Misuchi said...

hihi thank you again, should be, black satin ^_^

Sekhet said...

I regularly look at your pictures, and have not yet posted a comment, before now.
I think it's because it's a bit like going to an exhibition, I walk quiet around ;) and it is surely because, of what I perceive as the quality of your pictures, they are sharp, designed, light and the background is organized, the whole looks proff, looking at your pictures are pure delight, thanks for using the time to make it so.

Misuchi said...

Dear Sekhet,
thank you so much for the huge compliment! It feels extra good as, as an artist this is what I do and what makes me happy. People recognizing the effort (even though this blog is just quick and fun) make me happy too, so thank you!