Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Nihon Buyo

We went to see the performance of Nihon Buyo at DeLaMar in Amsterdam.
Leader of the group was Mr. Senzo Nishikawa, a National Living Treasure, thee group was specialy created from the Japanse Nihon Buyo Foundation.

They performed three dances and the second one Awa Mochi (sadly translated in the guide as "Gierst (millet?) cake" instead of Rice cake, correct me if I am wrong!)
I loved most. As it was the easiest to grasp.
The kimono where different from the video's, the video is a kabuki version, so that might be the explanation. The ladies kimono is here. The men's, though I remember it to be white?
The pictures are from this wonderful website.

First dance Sen Ou

The last one, danced by Mr. Senzo Nishikawa, was impressive but I am afraid, too subtle for me to fully understand ^_^

For the performance we dressed up in kimono. Me in my Mamechiyo Modern with Rose fukuro obi from Ichiroya and Anne in her lovely iromuji with wonderful subtle fukuro obi, both from Ichiroya.
There where quite a lot of Japanese ladies in kimono, which was kind of a first for me. I guess Japanese ladies start to be proud of their national dress again and go out in kimono. I love it!
Berber Kimono

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Linda said...

Oh I happy you two had a great time and you both look very beautiful!