Tuesday, 22 June 2010


With hitoe season long on the way, I wanted to finally wear this kimono myself.
It's too small!
Even the nagajuban collar couldn't be hidden in the back, never mind I still think it's a beauty an fun to dress in.
I knew when I bought this kimono it was a bit on the small side, but being at the market, at a stall filled with meisen kimono, I couldn't resist. Maybe the MIIIZEN screaming American lady helped a bit ^_~
I just knew she was going to cut them up...

With the obi I tried to repeat the red and white details.
Obi-age is pail green with shibori and obi-jime in dark green for the foliage outside.

Blue shibori geta and I was all set do go to work.
It's really fun to work in kimono.


Kyuukaryuko said...

What a sweet kimono, I love it! And that obi looks really good with it.
I just haven't had time to wear kimono lately, such a shame. Sometimes I get jealous at you and your job ^_~

Ume Bloom said...

I always find red and blue sucha classy combination! it makes me think of the early to mid Showa ensembles!

And it looks great on you! I know the feeling of having a small kimono :)) it's so strange and sometimes frustrating to just look at it and then put it back in its tatoushi..:)

Nanohana said...

Simply gorgeous!

And it doesn't seem to be too small for you. I really love this outfit.

Anonymous said...

Where do you buy your kimonos?

Misuchi said...

Japan ^_^

miffy chan said...

Where in Japan do you buy your kimonos? Is there a specific store in Tokyo that you like to go to?

Also, do you know where you can learn to wear kimono in Kashiwa or Matsudo?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe the MIIIZEN screaming American lady helped a bit" --The horror!! Truly! T-T