Sunday, 30 May 2010

Antique Hitoe

This cute antique hitoe... A bit too small, though I did manage an ohashori! I should not have bought her.

But... she's so cute...

And hitoe, which I still feel is quite rare, she is perfect for collecting.

I paired her with a hitoe teal-blue obi, teal-blue zori to match the flower and brownish accessories too match the other flower.

I guess this kimono is more fall hitoe looking at the pattern, but well.

I fell for this kimono because of the rinzu weave, it contains fan's streams, flowers, clouds, matsu etc. and it's shiny.

The pattern strikes me as bold and fun, I just had to have her for my collection.
And now that I tried her on and see the size isn't that bad, I am even more happy.

Oh, and Mamechiyo, you are right (of course) if I want/need to show that much collar, I'd better use coloured han-eri...


Kyuukaryuko said...

Ahh, another hakata-obi! That color is just beautiful, and the fact that it's hakata... And the kimono is very sweet.

Aki_fox said...

It's such a playful color combo and I would have bought this kimono as well even if it was too small for me. Love it!

Kimono Magic said...

Yes, and perfectly cool for summer, too!