Sunday, 5 April 2009


I still feel kind of weird not wearing ohashori.
Even though Mamechiyo told me it was no problem.
I guess, with ohashori is just better.
I still think it is better, but also, should loosen up a bit when it's kimono concerned, it's not a science, it's daily wear and should be fun!

Look at this lady, I coincidentally stumbled against at eBay.
She looks very relaxed in her ohashori-less kimono and wrinkled obi.
And the ensemble isn't exactly 100% casual, I think it's even pretty formal. Weird...
Maybe she's not Japanese? A 1930's tourist dressing up in kimono at some kind of spa? I don't know. Maybe she's just a working girl dressed in a kimono that was her mams or aunt's or...
But I like it, not that I would really feel comfortable like this, but who knows... I might...


Naomi said...

I know how you feel - but....I think all those amazing Taisho pieces need to be worn - ohashori or not! Why should they stay in the closet...never seeing the light of the day?

I run into many Japanese people in JapanTown sensei, kimono shop owners, tea ceremony sensei, kitsuke sensei, etc...and when I am wearing an ensemble that has no ohashori - I always apologize for not dressing properly...but then they scold me - telling me not to be silly, as it is obvious I am wearing vintage/antique pieces - so it's ok. They also normally point out that the rest of my kitsuke is pretty spot on and are normally surprised I dressed so well minus the ohashori.

Boy - I really could go on and on about no ohashori! haha.

Have you see the scans in my Flickr account showing how to wear kimono with no ohashori? Scanned from a modern kimono book!

I also see LOTS of Japanese women on kitsuke blogs...wearing no ohashori with vintage pieces.... I've also seen vintage photographs like that also!

Look at these two lovely ladies:

So - I say...go for it! :D

shino said...

hi Misuchi,
I heard ohashori was completed around these 100 years. Obiita has been used just after the war (II).
This photo was from Taisho era? it looked like early Showa though.

Kimono sytle has been changing. We can improve it as we like!

Anonymous said...

There is something about that photo, her manner of dressing--I have seen a lot of relaxed looking kimono in old photos, but this one doesn't feel right. I wonder if she may be some kind of "working girl"? I don't want to insult her, though. But I don't think that is always insulting. I wish I knew the story!!