Sunday, 29 March 2009

New Kimono

At Toji Temple marked I bought many kimono.
I tried to protect myself a bit by only buying kimono that would actually fit... but I had to have this gorgeous blue nagayuban.
Way too short I thought I could make her into a two piece nagayuban.

When back at home checking all my babies i saw there was a huge hem in this juban and I decided to unpick it right away and look:

At the temple market I could not resist this sweet greyish pink rose kimono. Only slightly too small she was just too pretty and I had to have her. The black obi was already in my collection and I think they fit well together, although next time I will try her with a lighter obi in a shade like the roses.

In a small recycle shop i found this funky kimono. Black wool with balls in '60's colours I love her! Paired with a very traditional obi also bought in Japan I think it looks very sixties. Though I know this fukuro obi is too formal for wool, I like it, so...
Next time I will go for an orange obi age and yellow obi jime, I think I will like that more...

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Kyuukaryuko said...

Wow, i'm jealous of your Japan-trip. Such a beautiful country, and all those new kimono ^_^
Yes, very jealous, can't think of anything else to say haha