Monday, 13 April 2009


I love blue!
I love stripes, silver, woven kimono and blue... And this kimono has it all. She just screamed to me, not that she had to, I wanted to own her anyway.
This kimono will look good with a lot of obi I think. And being a kimono nerd I looked for all my painted obi (woven kimono-painted obi)
And first tried this soft pastel lavender flowery chuya obi, I like it a lot, sweet and fresh. The obi jime is a wedding white shibory, I know, not appropriate, but I like it. The obi jime is more in keeping with the style, blue and white striped...
Then I tried a black with white shibory pattern obi that has big purple shibory flowers too. I didn't manage to get the flower in front, but maybe that is a good thing.
White accessories to brighten the whole outfit and give it a bit of a formal feel. Why not?
I was again surprised by my own collection (that there where so many good obi) but also, how in the world is it possible that I want a shade of obi jime and/or age and it is not there! It makes me feel *Grrrrr* Thinking, I have so many, how is it possible I still manage to find something I do not have and then immediately want to have it.... =(^.^)=

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Kyuukaryuko said...

Blue looks very good on you, and this is a very pretty kimono. I can see why you wanted it ^_^
Both obi combine very good with it!